CGD explores insurability of HIV in new iBook

15 Feb 2013

The 'Risk Dialogue Magazine: HIV 30 years on' is now available as an iBook.

It is now thirty years since the HIV virus was isolated and identified. In that time period, millions have become infected. In some countries, AIDS is the leading cause of death.


Even if a cure for HIV is not yet in sight, significant progress has been made in medically controlling the disease. Many HIV carriers can lead comparatively normal lives, which increasingly includes the ability to purchase insurance. This selection of articles covers progress in the medical and societal battle against HIV.

The iBook  includes videos and comments from the authors as well as all standard iBook features. Follow the link to download the iBook directly to your iPad - or go to iTunes App Store with your Mac or iMac for a free copy.

The publication is available as iBook (for iOS operating systems) only.