Explore the topic of longevity with CGD's iBook!

22 Jan 2013

The Risk Dialogue Series publication: Understanding the Drivers of Longevity is now available as an iBook.

Over the past 150 years, life expectancy among the world’s population has increased by more than 30 years.


The question then naturally arises, why has this happened? Why do we live longer? Can the current trend continue and, if so, to what extent? What are the drivers of longevity? In this publication, you will find a broad overview of the current state of knowledge on the mechanisms and drivers of longevity.

The iBook  includes videos and comments from the authors as well as all standard iBook features. Follow the link to download the iBook directly to your iPad - or go to iTunes App Store with your Mac or iMac for a free copy.

The publication is available as iBook (for iOS operating systems) only.