The Centre experience: Anton Pozenel

14 Apr 2015

Anton Pozenel describes how he turned his education and diverse work experience to a challenging Swiss Re project - and got results.

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What initially brought you to the Centre?

I was looking for new challenges; projects that could push the boundaries of both my knowledge and personality. Swiss Re provided me with that challenge and I am very happy that I was a part of it.

What business are you working on?

I am working on a research paper that studies valuation of insurance transactions in high growth markets (Brazil, China, India, Indonesia and Mexico). Results shown in this paper can be used to adjust the current methodology defining the economic valuation of insurance transactions. There are many stakeholders with whom I am cooperating on this topic. The main one is the Economic Value Management team; and others include  Asset Management, Treasury, Legislation and Risk Research team.

Will we be able to see the results of your work?

As there was a lot of confidential data used in the process of creating this paper it will be only available for the involved Swiss Re teams.

How have you found your time working at the Centre?

Mainly I worked at the office in Tüfi but I did work usually twice per week at the Centre. I must say that I really enjoyed it! One can really observe that everyone that works there functions as a family so there is a great atmosphere created. Additionally the Centre has great working conditions and allows you to attend some of the numerous conferences that are being held there. So I'd say it was a privilege to work there.

What are the next steps for you?

I would like to continue to work in the financial industry. My background allows me to consider jobs in re/insurance, banking, asset management and consulting so I am currently looking for a job in any of those fields. The field itself is not so important for me but what it is important is that if offers me the chance to be creative and solve problems, employs my analytical skills, has big learning potential and preferably some client interaction.

Would you recommend a similar internship?

I would recommend it without any hesitation. It offers you the chance to use all your acquired knowledge and put it in to practice. Additionally, the learning curve is very steep and it allows you to obtain both hard and soft skills. My personal belief is that the latter – soft skills - are extremely hard to obtain without actually working in a company and therefore such an experience is priceless.

How can such an internship prepare you for the future?

It depends on the individuals and what they make out of the internship. Swiss Re and the structure of the internship provides all the building blocks and necessary "tools" to get the job done – but it is still down to the intern to bring these together. I have personally made a great progress on:

  • Project management: coordinating & communicating my research with various stakeholders
  • Editing, writing and effectively communicating the key messages to all stakeholders
  • "Soft" skills – getting to know the culture of the company, understanding each stakeholder (their perspective and their interest), understanding the behaviour of people and how they go about their business
  • Hard" skills – knowledge about high growth markets and reinsurance industry in general

Anton Pozenel

Academic background: Currently writing my thesis to finish Msc in Quantitative Finance and Actuarial Science at University of Ljubljana, Bachelors in Banking and Financial Management at University of Ljubljana, Exchange semester: ETH and University of Zürich, Switzerland, Exchange semester: Kyungpook National University, Daegu, South Korea

Professional experience: Junior Pension Actuary - KAD pension fund, Slovenia, M&A Financial Analyst & Modeler – Ascendant Capital Advisors, Slovenia, Risk modeler & Risk analyst – Abanka Plc., Slovenia, Assistant in Financial Services -  Deloitte, Slovenia, Auditing Associate – Ernst & Young, Slovenia, Tutor – University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

Personal interests: Sports, travelling, reading

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