The Centre experience: Renato Angelico

28 May 2014

Renato Angelico recently completed an internship focused on further business development for weather risk solutions in Europe, in particular for hedging the temperature dependent exposure of gas and power utilities.

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How did you join Swiss Re on an internship?

I first came into contact with Swiss Re at the "Absolventenkongress" (graduates' conference) in Zurich when I was still studying at university. Swiss Re had a huge stand with many company representatives willing to answer all kind of questions. I realised that Swiss Re could offer a lot of interesting job opportunities. During my studies I worked in an energy consulting company and thus an internship in the Weather and Energy team was the perfect fit.

What project were you working on during your time at Swiss Re?

I was working on a joint project between the Centre for Global Dialogue (CGD) and Environmental & Commodity Markets (ECM). The project was about further business development for weather risk solutions in Europe, in particular for hedging the temperature dependent exposure of gas and power utilities. These customers have, for example the problem that their sales volume is negatively influenced in an unusually warm winter because the space heating demand is lower.

How will the results of the project be used within Swiss Re?

The results will be used as the basis for further leveraging Swiss Re products. Much of the analysis can be used for marketing material for weather risks solutions; and an external publication is planned which will be launched at a future weather insurance conference.

What role did the Centre play during your internship?

I spent one day per week in Rüschlikon at the Centre where I had team meetings with the Risk Research Relations team. Stephan Schreckenberg and Oliver Schelske supported me a lot in my project because they could bring a different angle, particularly with their many years' experience in the Company. They were excellent sparring partners who asked tough questions.

Have you enjoyed your time working for Swiss Re?

Yes I have. I was working on an interesting project in a challenging environment. There are several events which have made it easy to get to know people from outside of my own team, for example the "Introduction Days" or the "Lunch & Learn" sessions with the other interns.

Would you recommend an internship to others?

Absolutely, especially because it was a joint internship between CGD and ECM. This made it is a great opportunity to get to know the business and to work at the same time on a challenging strategic project without being fully absorbed by daily business.

How do you think your time at Swiss Re will contribute to your future career?

Swiss Re is a knowledge company which is demonstrated by the brand promise "We're smarter together".  I have learned a lot from working together with dedicated people which are absolute specialists in their field of work. Additionally I could improve my project management skills and was challenged by handling the different expectations of stakeholders.

What are the next steps for the future?

Since my internship will be finished soon I will leave Swiss Re. During summer time I am going to work for the energy consulting company I have previously worked for and then I am planning to go to holidays in Africa for a few weeks. And you never know, if there is a possibility to work for Swiss Re again in the future I would like to come back one day.

Academic background: MA in Banking & Finance from the University of Zurich.

Professional experience: Internship in sales controlling (Allianz Suisse), Project Assistant in energy consulting (Enera).

Personal interests Floorball, Snowboarding, Hiking, travelling.

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