The Digital Transformation of Insurance

30 Aug 2016

As we enter the era of FinTech and InsurTech, the Swiss Re Centre for Global Dialogue has developed a free client app, to help insurance and reinsurance incumbents adapt to the challenges of digitalisation.

Available for iPad, as well as a desktop/laptop webviewer, the Digital Transformation of Insurance app has been developed by Swiss Re Centre for Global Dialogue as a strategic resource and an introduction into tech and the insurance industry. The app contains cutting edge research plus interviews from industry challengers and experts contained in five sections, providing a framework for how disruption might happen.

The Mindmap

Digitalisation can look like a tsunami, a torrent of change approaching at frightening speed. For those who can ride the wave, however, the experience will be invigorating. The challenge is to place the great body of digital transformation in some sort of framework and context, through which it can be analysed rigorously and in step.

Within the app, a mind map (see below) enables the user to look at digital transformation through the lens of an re/insurer. It creates an artificial structure which provides a basis for thought, analysis and discussion.

In the real world, the sections of the mindmap blur, merge and overlap. An autonomous car, for example is where a consumer interface meets sensor technology, robotics, artificial intelligence and data regulation. Nonetheless, we have employed the model from the perspective of a re/insurer, to try and establish what the major implications of a particular technology for a re/insurer might be. It is this structure that guides the user through the app experience.

Get the app:

Click here to look at the webviewer on your PC.