Three new publications available

13 May 2014

There are three new publications available: One is about the future of human longevity, the other explains what Star Trek and the healthcare revolution have in common and the third one illustrates the Health risk factors in major emerging markets.

The future of human longevity: cardiovascular health, longer lives (PDF)

Our society is becoming older. Falls in birth and death rates, well established in developed economies, have spread through most of the world. This ageing of the population presents challenges and opportunities: the funding of more elderly living longer in their retirement; and meeting the increase in health costs associated with old age.


Healthcare revolution: Big data and smart analytics (PDF)

Science fiction often moves one step ahead of innovation. In Star Trek, medic Dr. McCoy, carried a medical tricorder – a simple looking device which could instantly diagnose any condition. We are not quite at this futuristic level of technology; but we are approaching it. Increasingly ubiquitous mobile devices are becoming loaded with sensors to monitor health and well-being. They create large volumes of data which can provide new insights and lead to better diagnoses and behavioural suggestions. The day when we send our ‘well-being’ records, as tracked on our smartphone, to our doctor prior to an appointment will soon be upon us. As Karen Frick describes, increasing weight will be given to prognosis – finding the signal of a condition before it manifests itself as an illness – rather than to diagnosis, the ex-post identification of a condition only when the symptoms are visible.


Health risk factors in major emerging markets (PDF)

This Risk Dialogue Magazine special edition focuses on

  • Lost life expectancy due to air pollution in China
  • Chronic diseases in India
  • Health risk factors in Brazil
  • Risk factors for cardiovascular disease in Brazil and China