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20 May 2014

Do you prefer reading on your mobile device, listening to interviews with authors and using all the iBook features for your convenience? Check out our three iBooks, covering the following topics: 1. Health risk factors in major emerging markets. 2. Understanding the Drivers of Longevity. 3. HIV - 30 years on. Free download on iTunes.

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Health risk factors in major emerging markets
Brazil, China, India and Mexico are currently the motors of global economic growth. Yet as they grow, diets are changing and sedentary lifestyles are becoming more common. These are causing health profiles to shift, increasingly resembling those of established industrial economies.

Understanding the Drivers of Longevity
Over the past 150 years, life expectancy among the world’s population has increased by more than 30 years. The question then naturally arises, why has this happened? Why do we live longer? Can the current trend continue and, if so, to what extent? What are the drivers of longevity? In this publication, you will find a broad overview of the current state of knowledge on the mechanisms and drivers of longevity.

HIV 30 Years On
It is now thirty years since the HIV virus was isolated and identified. In that time period, millions have become infected. In some countries, AIDS is the leading cause of death.

Even if a cure for HIV is not yet in sight, significant progress has been made in medically controlling the disease. Many HIV carriers can lead comparatively normal lives, which increasingly includes the ability to purchase insurance. This selection of articles covers progress in the medical and societal battle against HIV.