Insuring food safety: What's on the menu?

09 Nov 2016

The demand for food is growing. Globalisation has brought changes to the lifestyle and earning power of millions of people, including a shift in their eating habits. The rising popularity of convenience foods and ready-to-eat meals underscores an increasing tendency for households to delegate food safety to producers and processing companies. The latter find themselves in highly complex supply chains, or “supply webs,” which are also products of globalisation and which seriously complicate the task of ensuring the safety and quality that both retailers and consumers expect.

Find some highlights from the food safety conference, happening on 6 October 2016 at the Centre.

Food safety issues are rising with population growth

Watch the interview with Eric Schuh, Head of Swiss Re's Casualty Centre:


Food recall trends and the role of social media

Vince Shiers


"Social media's a big part of everybody's life these days. Once it's known that there's a potential contamination or recall, then many people can get on the bandwagon and start posting things about a company's product, which may or may not be true. It's really important that a company knows how to manage that sort of interaction.."


Emerging risks and technological advances

Béatrice Conde-Petit


"As we need to produce more and more food, also on the industrial scale, it's about delivering the right technology."