14th CRO Assembly: Health Focus – The curse of plenty – Increasing longevity, rising chronic disease and our health prognosis

30 - 31 May 2018

Location: Rüschlikon/Zurich, Switzerland


The headline of the CRO Assembly was Health Focus; and the byline 'The curse of plenty'. As a society, we have made great strides in producing enough to eat; in understanding illness; and in living longer. However, none of those gains have been made without health costs; and those are costs the insurance industry needs to understand.

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About the event

Will we still be living at the age of 100? If so, are we prepared at the individual and societal level to cope with what this means? At the 14th CRO Assembly, which will be held 30 - 31 May 2018 at the Swiss Re Centre for Global Dialogue in Rüschlikon, near Zurich, you will have the opportunity to interact with experts who are already thinking about the economic and societal challenges that will need to be addressed in ageing populations.

At the conference, we will present our latest 2018 SONAR Report on new emerging risks. We will highlight trends in pandemics and man-made epidemics, such as the opioid or obesity epidemics, and also focus on antibiotic resistance which can have widespread implications. We will also explore trend spotting as well as developments in genome editing, which could have a significant impact on insurers in the future.

Don't miss this unique opportunity to network with other senior risk leaders from around the globe to discuss health and demographics, exchange ideas and deepen your understanding of the business implications for the insurance industry.

Presentations Day 1

Wednesday 30 May 2018


Pre-conference programme


Executive Dialogues with Swiss Re Executives

John Dacey, Group Chief Financial Officer, Swiss Re
Guido Fürer, Group Chief Investment Office, Swiss Re

The sessions run parallel. Registration required, max. 10 participants


Coffee break


Conference programme


Opening and Welcome
Patrick Raaflaub, Group Chief Risk Officer, Member of the Group Executive Committee, Swiss Re

SONAR Report – Launch of the 2018 SONAR Report - new emerging risk insights
Kera McDonald, CRO, Swiss Re Corporate Solutions


Apero and networking
Explore how it feels being old with the AGE EXPLORER ©


Buffet dinner and evening entertainment

Presentations Day 2


Welcome and introduction
Patrick Raaflaub, Group Chief Risk Officer, Member of the Group Executive Committee, Swiss Re

Focus 1: Changing demographics


Who are the aging and who pays for them?
Francis Blumberg, Head L&H Products Solutions, Swiss Re


The intergenerational inequity paradox
Bronwyn Kirwan, Head L&H Solutions Group, Australia & New Zealand, Swiss Re


Better care at lower cost: A disruptive model of care at home
Dr. Stephan Dyckerhoff, President, Buurtzorg Neighbourhood Care Asia Ltd., Hongkong


Coffee break


Focus 2: Pandemics and man-made epidemics


Quantifying and mitigating the risk of infectious disease
Nathan Wolfe, Founder & Chair, Metabiota


Breakout sessions

Stream 1:
11.25 Has an obsession with lowering cholesterol been responsible for the obesity epidemic?
Aseem Malhotra, Honorary Consultant Cardiologist, Lister Hospital Stevenage and ROC Private Clinic Harley Street London

12.00 Health and wealth: the impact of type 2 diabetes remission
Charlotte Summers, COO, diabetes.co.uk
Arjun Panesar, Co-Founder, diabetes.co.uk

Stream 2:
11.25 Antibiotic resistance: potential risks across lines of business
Ramiro Dip, Senior Risk Engineer P&C Centre, Swiss Re
Urs Widmer, Senior Life Guide Medical Officer, Swiss Re

12.00 Opioids epidemic – Casualty implications
Ramiro Dip, Senior Risk Engineer P&C Centre, Swiss Re
Patrik Kneubühler; Business Steering Specialist, Swiss Re



Focus 3: Trend


Trend spotting and portfolio management – a different approach to managing risk
Ashley Hirst, Head Underwriting Strategy, Swiss Re

Focus 4: The new age of genomic medicine


Genetics: What are the promises and challenges of genetic modification?
Nicholas Wood, Galton Chair of Genetics, Professor of Clinical Neurology and Neurogenetics UCL Institute of Neurology


Coffee break


Bio-ethics and regulatory paradigm shift
Larry Brody, PhD, Senior Investigator, Medical Genomics & Metabolic Genetics Branch and Director, National Human Genome Research Institute at the National Institutes of Health


Genetic testing anti-selection risk and implications for insurers
Florian Rechfeld, Senior Research Analyst, L&H, Swiss Re


Genomic medicine and the insurance industry
Christoph Nabholz, Head R&D Life&Health, Swiss Re


Wrap up and end of conference



Photos by: David Ausserhofer