4th Swiss Re Symposium on Data Protection: Ethics and e-health in insurance

02 Nov 2016

Organised by Swiss Reinsurance Company Ltd
Location: Rüschlikon/Zurich, Switzerland

About the event

Nowhere is the phrase "digital disruption" more appropriate than in the field of healthcare technology and its impact on notions of privacy and confidentiality. The information collected about our health and activity by wearable devices and mobile apps and the Big Data analytics that make sense of it all are transforming the way individuals think about themselves and the way health practitioners consider prevention, diagnoses and treatment. And the same data can be used to help innovative insurers develop new products, manage more complex risks and insure previously uninsurable conditions.

But all of this innovation is dependent on individuals trusting medical practitioners, technology providers and insurers to maintain the confidentiality of information that lies at the heart of any healthcare relationship. Therefore innovation must be grounded in thoughts about privacy and the ethics of using information about individuals' health.

Our speakers – experts from the fields of medical ethics, data protection, technology and insurance – will ask, and answer, the questions raised by this complex and evolving topic and we would like to invite you to join us and shape the debate.

Participation by invitation only.



Welcome coffee


Chair of the morning session: Stefan Weiss, Global Data Protection Officer, Swiss Re

Welcome address and opening remarks
Jennifer Parets, Chief Compliance Officer, Swiss Re


The layered landscape of European data protection: the GDPR and beyond
Peter Hustinx, Former European Data Protection Supervisor, Member of the IAPP Board of Directors


The ethical dimension of using health data
Effy Vayena, professor of health policy, Health Ethics and Policy Lab, UZH.


Lunch break


Chair of the afternoon session: David Evans, Data Protection Officer, Swiss Re

Privacy-enhancements in sensing technology and mobile health Monitoring
Stephan Bachofen, VP Software, Biovotion


The benefits of innovative technology to the individual health insurance consumer
John Schoonbee, Chief Medical Officer, Swiss Re


Summary and closing remarks
Stefan Weiss, Global Data Protection Officer, Swiss Re


Summary and report

A huge amount of information on individuals goes into digital communication and social media. Pooling that information with conventional health data and the output from Fitbit-type wearable devices would produce an unparalleled resource for understanding health and disease better. Awareness of the potential in that data cache is changing current concepts of health care.

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Photos by Valeriano Di Domenico