Autonomous Decision-Making: Assessing the Technology and its Impacts on Industry and Society

25 Oct 2017

Organized by: ETH Risk Center, Zurich
Location: Rüschlikon/Zurich, Switzerland

Summary and Presentations

Do computers make better decisions? If so, what will be the impact on business, society and on ourselves? What conditions would make autonomous decision-making acceptable? At a recent workshop organized by the ETH Risk Center together with the Swiss Re Institute, leading experts from academia and industry discussed the current state of the art of machine learning technologies for autonomous decision-making, together with over a hundred participants.

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Daniel Castro

Nico Lavarini

Sarah Spiekermann

Thomas Hills

Thomas Hofmann



Photos by: Fredi Lienhardt

About the event

Together with the ETH Risk Center we were organizing this conference about the integration of machine learning technologies in socio-technical systems. Leading experts from academia and industry discussed opportunities and risks of the integration, the future of work and the ethical challenges for the society as a whole. The event took place at the Swiss Re Center for Global Dialogue, Rueschlikon. Registration only by ETH Risk Center.

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