Embracing Co-creation for Strategic Innovation

09 Nov 2012

Organised by: Swiss Re & IMD & Tantum


Innovation, whether it's strategic or tactical, doesn't just happen. When it happens rarely is it the lone genius who figures it out. More often than not, successful innovation requires a team of people working together, and if that team can be enlarged to include key stakeholders along the value-chain, the probability of really making it big increases significantly. But moving beyond just pulling a group of people together to innovate, if you can build an engagement platform with such key stakeholders, co-creation can take hold and generate ideas and changes that no single party could ever have imagined. Openness is required, and those players, be they employees, customers or suppliers, must see value being created for them as well. Figure out how to do this and you'll see productivity and creativity flourish, costs and employee turnover lowered and you'll find your enterprise with new businesses and revenues.