Expert Forum on the state and fate of the world's tropical rainforests

02 Jul 2015

Organised by Swiss Re Centre for Global Dialogue and Club of Rome
Location: Rüschlikon/Zurich, Switzerland

About the event

Swiss Re and the Club of Rome cordially invite you to this Expert Forum on the state and fate of the world's tropical rainforests. The Club of Rome is a global think-tank, composed of individual members and over 35 National Associations. Its mission is to undertake forward-looking analysis and assessment on action for a more resilient and sustainable planet.

In 1972, The Limits to Growth drew attention to the fact that world’s resources are limited. Soon after, people became aware of the threats to the world’s rainforests, the biggest terrestrial repositories of biodiversity and essential regulators of global air and water cycles. Since that time, new research and technological advances have greatly increased our knowledge of how rainforests are being affected by changing patterns of resource use. Increasing concern about climate change has made it more important than ever to understand the state of the world’s tropical forests.

Claude Martin, an eminent scientist and conservationist, will present an up-to-date picture of the health of the world’s tropical rainforests and talk about his new book "On the edge" where he integrates information from remote sensing, ecology, and economics to explain deforestation and forest health throughout the world.

On the concluding panel discussion, participants will discuss and explain how urbanisation, an increasingly global economy, and a worldwide demand for meat and biofuels put new pressure on rainforest land, examine the policies and market forces that have successfully preserved forests in some areas, and discuss the economic benefits of protected areas.

To find out more about the new report to the Club of Rome, “On the Edge: The State and Fate of the World’s Tropical Rainforests”, please click here.

We look forward to welcoming you at the Swiss Re Centre for Global Dialogue.

Andreas Schraft
Head Cat Perils
Swiss Re

Graeme Maxton
Secretary General
Club of Rome



Bernd Wilke, Senior Communications Consultant, Swiss Re and Bernice Maxton-Lee, Doctoral Researcher, City University of Hong Kong


Introduction and the Swiss Re perspective
Andreas Schraft, Head Cat Perils, Swiss Re


The State and Fate of the World's Tropical Rainforests
Claude Martin, Chancellor, International University in Geneva; Former Director General, WWF International


Panel discussion
Moderated by Bernd Wilke and Bernice Lee

  • Martin Bauert, General Curator, Zoo Zürich
  • Claude Martin, Chancellor, International University in Geneva; Former Director General, WWF International
  • Olivia Rickenbach, Community Engagement Manager, Odzala-Kokoua National Park
  • Andreas Schraft, Head Cat Perils, Swiss Re


Networking cocktail


End of event

This event may be broadcasted live, photographed, filmed and /or recorded. A summary of the event, pictures and/or a video of the event in which you may appear may be posted and made available on Swiss Re’s and the Swiss Re Centre for Global Dialogue’s internal and external websites and in printed materials.




Let's bring tropical deforestation back to the table - because tropical rainforest matter!

Tropical rainforests matter. They matter not only in and of themselves. They matter if we care about global warming, about climate change and about the future of the planet. These were the key messages from the Expert Forum, held at the Swiss Re Centre for Global Dialogue, on a topic which has struggled to make headlines in recent years.

Read the whole summary.


Photos by Deniz Kenber

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