New Energy Investor Summit 2017

22 - 23 May 2017

Organised by: Energie Zukunft Schweiz
Location: Rüschlikon/Zurich, Switzerland


Speed Dating: Renewable Energy Projects, Power Plants and Investments

7th New Energy Investor Summit

Finding excellent investment opportunities in wind, solar and hydroelectric power plants is difficult. Energy suppliers, institutional investors and family offices find themselves in a seller's market and are competing for the best investment opportunities.
The Investor Summit brought top management from financially-strong investors together with their peers from project developers, providers of investment structures, and service providers.
In half-hour meetings, potential partners clarified questions about collaborations, projects and investments in wind, solar and hydro technologies. The Investor Summit was organized by energy companies and has established itself in the European energy sector.

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Renewable energy @ Swiss Re

Weather conditions are the main and uncontrollable driver of earnings volatility for the renewable energy industry.

Hydroelectric power plants depend on precipitation, wind farms depend on adequate wind speeds, solar plants depend on irradiation in order to generate power. The construction of offshore wind farm projects requires benign wind/wave height conditions.

When it comes to project financing stabilizing these weather dependent cash flows becomes crucial. Swiss Re Corporate Solutions offers protection against all of the above examples of weather risk, locking in levels of power generation which allow lenders to provide favorable financing conditions.

Find out more about the impact of weather protection on your company's/project's risk-return profile and bank financing terms.

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