Transportation insurance

03 Jun 2014

Organised by: Swiss Insurance Association (SIA)


The Swiss Insurance Association (SIA) is the umbrella organisation representing the private insurance industry. Around 77 small and large, national and international primary insurers and reinsurers are members of the SIA, employing more than 48,000 people in Switzerland. SIA member companies account for over 90% of private insurance premiums generated in the Swiss market.

At our conference on 3 June, representatives from the insurance industry as well as external practitioners will discuss and address topics related to transportation insurance.

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The earliest forms of documented insurance covered traders' merchandise lost or damaged in transit. Transportation insurance remains essential in providing the risk coverage that allows global trade and economic growth. From those early simple shipping contracts, transportation insurance has become an important and sophisticated branch of the financial services, insuring road, rail, sea and air haulage. The Association of Swiss Insurers ASA / SVV invited both insurers and insured parties to the Swiss Re Centre for Global Dialogue to discuss current challenges and opportunities confronting the industry.

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