EEAG Report 2018 - A new EU 'club' model: Switzerland's opportunities

19 Mar 2018

Organized by EEAG, KOF Swiss Economic Institute ETH Zurich, hosted by the Swiss Re Institute
Location: Rüschlikon/Zurich, Switzerland


Brexit and populism are throwing the organizational structure of the European Union into question. Is it time for a new EU model? To mark the launch of a report by the European Economic Advisory Group, the Swiss Re Institute hosted a conference with leading European economists to discuss the future of the EU at the Centre for Global Dialogue in Rüschlikon.

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Photos by: Rafael Haegi

About the event

With the EU facing a host of difficulties, it calls into question its current organizational structure. Brexit, nationalistic movements in Eastern Europe and the rise of parties sceptical of European integration in Western Europe are eroding the EU's standing. The lack of coordination between the member states and different governmental levels adds to its bad reputation.

One proposal to rearrange Europe is to organize it as a 'club' with different layers. This European 'country club' structure could also offer Switzerland new opportunities to play a bigger role in Europe. At the event, we will explore options for the EU and Switzerland.




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Stephan Schreckenberg, Head SRI Strategy & Development, Swiss Re Institute


Katja Gentinetta, Political philosopher and advisor


The macroeconomic outlook for Europe
Jan-Egbert Sturm, KOF Swiss Economic Institute, ETH Zurich


The EU’s future: What a 'club' structure might bring
Giuseppe Bertola, University of Turin


The Swiss perspective towards EU's development
Ambassador Henri Gétaz, Head Directorate for European Affairs, Federal Department of Foreign Affairs


Discussion round: A new 'club' model for the EU and implications for Switzerland
Moderator: Katja Gentinetta, Political philosopher and advisor


Networking reception