The Swiss Re Institute organizes best in class events on the strategic topics in its research agenda. In the tradition of the Centre of Global Dialogue, the institute continues to host a vibrant platform for engagement around future challenges of the re/insurance world.

We understand that knowledge and dialogue is personal, and our events encourage dialogue within our stakeholder communities, improving understanding of risk and insurance, and enabling sound business solutions.

Find a list of upcoming and past events below:

Symposium Kavli Prize for Nanoscience

Kavli Prize for Nanoscience

The Kavli Prizes recognize scientists for pioneering advances in our understanding of existence at its biggest, smallest, and most complex scales. Presented every two years in the fields of astrophysics, nanoscience and neuroscience, each of the three international prizes consists of USD 1 million. Laureates are chosen by committees whose members are recommended by six of the world’s most renowned science societies and academies.

Understanding credit risk measurement

Understanding credit risk measurement 2017

In 2015, Swiss Re initiated a series of meetings on the topic of credit risk measurement in the (re-)insurance industry. Over 20 organisations participated in roundtable discussions in Zurich, bringing their individual perspectives on what is proving to be a broad and complex topic. The event served to explore and advance our understanding of the measurement of credit risk and, importantly, how this contributes to the management of credit risk.

13th CRO Assembly: Our changing risk landscape

13th CRO Assembly: Our changing risk landscape

Chief Risk Officers are tasked with navigating through a world that is at times uncertain, complex and ambiguous. At the 13th CRO Assembly, which will be held 27 - 29 November 2017, Chief Risk Officers and Senior Risk Leaders from around the world will be invited to discuss emerging risks and opportunities for the global insurance industry. The topic of the Assembly will be "Our changing risk landscape".

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