The Swiss Re Institute organizes best in class events on the strategic topics in its research agenda. In the tradition of the Centre of Global Dialogue, the institute continues to host a vibrant platform for engagement around future challenges of the re/insurance world.

We understand that knowledge and dialogue is personal, and our events encourage dialogue within our stakeholder communities, improving understanding of risk and insurance, and enabling sound business solutions.

Find a list of upcoming and past events below:

Sigma Event 2017: Catastrophes - Protecting the uninsured. Solutions for a resilient world

sigma Event 2017: Catastrophes - Protecting the uninsured

2016 once again demonstrated the worlds' vulnerability to a wide range of natural catastrophes with flooding in different parts of the US, Asia and Europe, hailstorms in The Netherlands and Texas, earthquakes in Central Italy, but also Japan, Ecuador and New Zealand, and wildfires in Canada, the US and other parts of the world. Against this backdrop, underinsurance of property risks remains a major challenge, and places an increasing burden on the public sector and individuals.

Future.Talk 1 / 2017

Future.Talk 1 / 2017

Recent changes in regulation, new competitors, new technologies, as well as rapid developments in digitization are putting an enormous pressure on the insurance industry. In addition, customers’ needs and demands are changing substantially in the sense that they desire a higher transparency, a more personalized service, a simplified claims process, etc.

Improving the measurement of digital security incidents and risk management

Improving the measurement of digital security incidents and risk management

Participation in the digital economy allows businesses to increase productivity and expand their market. At the same time, it raises new security and privacy challenges as a result of the fast pace of technological innovation and increasing interdependencies between networks and the operations of infrastructure and businesses.

Swiss Risk and Insurance Forum

Swiss Risk and Insurance Forum

The Swiss Risk and Insurance Forum brings together experts from academia, the insurance industry, regulatory bodies and consulting companies to discuss (typically technical) topics that are relevant to the insurance industry. The main objective is to provide a platform on which people from academia can interact with those involved on the more practical side of the insurance industry. This will facilitate the knowledge transfer in both directions helping enrich the research agendas of the academic institutions and enabling those dealing with practical matters to partake in the newest academic developments.

Energy Investor Summit

New Energy Investor Summit 2017

Finding excellent investment opportunities in wind, solar and hydroelectric power plants is difficult. Energy suppliers, institutional investors and family offices find themselves in a seller's market and are competing for the best investment opportunities. The Investor Summit brings top management from financially-strong investors together with their peers from project developers, providers of investment structures, and service providers.

Blockchain Valley Conference

Blockchain Valley Conference

Blockchain is revolutionising transactions, just as the Internet has revolutionised communication. The new concept will drastically change industry, society and everyday life. This change is happening fast, and it’s happening in the Blockchain Valley in and around Zurich.

Next Generation Insurance Customer: Solutions for an ageing society

Global ageing is going to change the social structure and expectations as people work longer, face greater risks of disease and require more care. How we identify and address the needs of the elderly is a key concern for citizens, governments and the financial sector.

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