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About the project

Applying current financial  theory in the context of insurance has shown that a simple translation of concepts mainly developed in the banking and industrial sector falls short of taking account of the specificities of insurance. The goal of the project is to develop an adequate theoretical framework for a finance theory of insurance that can form a solid base for sector wide applications. At the same time, knowledge exchange and interaction among practicioners and researchers should be strengthened.

In the context of this project the Swiss Re Foundation supported the creation of the Centre for Finance and Insurance at the University of Zurich to advance the application of financial economics to re/insurance. The Centre conducts corresponding research, education and outreach activities. It was founded in 2013, supported by a founding donation of the Swiss Re Foundation.


Workshop: Risk measures and regulation

Workshop: Risk measures and regulation

The expert forum on 22 May 2014 gathered 30 participants to take inventory of the issues in insurance regulation, describing the quantitative theories they inspired, to make an assessment of how these theories have performed from today’s perspective, and to identify potential open issues.

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The Swiss Risk and Insurance Forum - Old-age provision: past, present, future

The Swiss Risk and Insurance Forum brings together experts from academia, the insurance industry, regulatory bodies and consulting companies to discuss (typically technical) topics that are relevant to the insurance industry. The main objective is to provide a platform on which people from academia can interact with those involved on the more practical side of the insurance industry. This will facilitate the knowledge transfer in both directions helping enrich the research agendas of the academic institutions and enabling those dealing with practical matters to partake in the newest academic developments.

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