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sigma 6 2017

sigma 6/2017: Life in-force management: improving consumer value and long-term profitability

Life insurers are facing many challenges, including low interest rates, a difficult pricing environment and the need to adapt to regulatory changes. More broadly, developments in demographics, medicine and technology will change mortality and morbidity rates in many parts of the world, having a fundamental impact on life insurance business.

Year: 2017 | Type: Article

sigma 6 2017

sigma 6/2017 - Life in-force management: improving customer experience and long-term profitability

For long-term sustainability, life insurers need to maintain a strong connection with their consumers. Increasingly, insurers are focusing on improving relations with existing policyholders by offering higher-value products, increasing persistency and improving claims management. This increased focus on existing rather than new business is about improving customers experience and enhancing long-run profitability. Profits on in-force life books can be improved by judicious asset management, optimal capital allocation and by reducing operating costs. Such actions can reduce the cost of providing cover and also lower prices for consumers.

Year: 2017 | Type: Video

Noel Gorelick

Noel Gorelick: Society and insurers benefit from satellite-assisted research

Noel Gorelick, Software Engineer, Google; Author of Google Moon, Google Mars and Co-Founder of Google Earth Engine presented "Using planetary-scale data analysis to manage natural peril risk" at the Swiss Re Institute's EMEA symposium, Rüschlikon, 6 - 7 November 2017.

Year: 2017 | Type: Video

Swiss Re Institute's EMEA symposium

Swiss Re Institute Symposium (EMEA) - The impact of technology on the risk and insurance landscape

From genome editing to new ways to model catastrophe risk, digital interfaces are transforming the insurance industry. Big data and analytics present new opportunities to manage risk and close the protection gap – yet the technology also brings significant challenges. The Swiss Re Institute Symposium on 6 and 7 November brought together 100 senior representatives from the re/insurance industry, academia and public services to share insights and viewpoints on the rapidly changing landscape.

Year: 2017 | Type: Video

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