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Disrupting the car insurance industry

Disrupting the car insurance industry

The London-based start-up Cuvva competes with incumbents by making it easy for drivers to buy pay-as-you-go insurance.

Year: 2018 | Type: Article

Insurtech is hitting critical mass

Insurtech is hitting critical mass

The wisest insurance incumbents will seize the collaborative opportunities springing from this new environment.

Year: 2017 | Type: Article

Autonomous Decision-Making

Autonomous Decision-Making: Assessing the Technology and its Impact on Industry and Society

Do computers make better decisions? If so, what will be the impact on business, society and on ourselves? What conditions would make autonomous decision-making acceptable? At a recent workshop organized by the ETH Risk Center together with the Swiss Re Institute, leading experts from academia and industry discussed the current state of the art of machine learning technologies for autonomous decision-making, together with over a hundred participants.

Year: 2017 | Type: Conference Summary

Thomas Hills

Thomas Hills: Human biases are a problem for machine learning

Thomas Hills, Department of Psychology, University of Warwick gave a presentation on Making Better Decisions in a Complex World at the ETH Risk Center and Swiss Re Institute's workshop on Autonomous decision making, October 25 2017.

Year: 2017 | Type: Video

sigma 4/2017

sigma 4/2017 - Insurance: adding value to development in emerging markets

The standard measure to gauge the development of a country's insurance market is the insurance penetration rate. But premiums expressed as percent of a country's GDP do not help elucidate how, in terms of real-life experience, insurance ownership can help improve the quality of peoples' lives. The latest sigma reviews recent evidence-based research, which offers more granular insights about the contribution of insurance across a broad range of development metrics. The sigma also addresses local demand and supply-side barriers, such as lack of awareness, institutional factors and behavioural biases that can hinder extension of the reach of insurance to cover more people.

Year: 2017 | Type: Video

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