Andreas Caduff on bringing wearable medical technology to consumers’ homes

28 Jun 2016

The CEO and Founder of Biovotion AG, gave a presentation on “Next generation health monitoring" at the Next Generation Insurance Customer 2016 conference at the Swiss Re Centre for Global Dialogue.

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Read the text version of Andreas Caduff’s interview here:

“Looking at the insurance industry, we're seeing a number of activities and considerations ongoing. One is, how can you actually get insurance to more people? Maybe people that are having a disease today, and are in that situation, they might not get an insurance. Such wearables could possibly help them. Another way is instead of just managing a disease, why don't we just actually manage and maintain health, and have these wearables along with that, and maybe tie into an insurance.

With data security and data there comes privacy. We're seeing now GDPR or the General Data Protection Regulation in Europe, that's soon going to be enforced in maybe a year or two. What we're seeing there is there is much more power being shifted now to the consumer, versus maybe the corporation.

Wearables or measurements per se will be much more at the patient's home, we will have very much similar technologies as in the hospital, but much more consumerized so the patient, the user can actually use it at home with a similar outcome as he would have in a hospital with the direct involvement of a doctor or a healthcare professional.

The world is essentially at the brink of transitioning into a new era. We're seeing our smartphones that have developed enormously. No one actually thought that five years back they would look like this today, that they would actually allow to do so many things as we can today. We're seeing on the artificial intelligence side, so the software ecosystem, algorithms, et cetera. We're seeing tremendous improvements and developments that are just astonishing in that sense. Bringing it all together, and maybe also look a little bit at the behaviour change that we can see on the user side as well as the healthcare arena, that probably will help very much so in adopting such technologies and bringing us towards consumerised healthcare."