David Hackett says the consumer relationship with insurers is vital for digitalisation

29 Jun 2016

The Executive General Manager, Insurance, at the National Australia Bank spoke on “Wearables enabling personalised life insurance“ at the Next Generation Insurance Customer 2016 conference at the Swiss Re Centre for Global Dialogue.

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Read the text version of David Hackett’s interview here:

“We've started the journey in using mobile devices and working with our customers, but we don't know exactly where it's going to take us. In a way we're disrupting ourselves. We have to be prepared to try stuff, fail at first, pivot, learn. It's really the start of the journey for us and we don't exactly know where it's going to take us, but we think it's important that we go on it.

Getting customers to agree to share their data with us is a challenge and something that we're going to both benefit from. The engagement necessary to achieve that is a new skill for us to accomplish.

If we are partnering with our customers in their wellness then that brings about a whole range of services that haven't previously existed around health and wellness and communication and support.

The engagement with the customer, but also the actual gathering of large bodies of data around our customer base is to help us better assess risk, pricing, assist claims processes. It's going to be quite pervasive I think.”