Risk Talk on pandemic preparedness in the 21st century

18 Sep 2008

Infectious disease specialists agree that it cannot be predicted when the next influenza pandemic will occur.

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18 Sep 2008

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Introduction to SEARCH

18 Sep 2008

Harvard and Swiss Re have a history of collaboration that goes back more than a decade.

SEARCH conferences

18 Sep 2008

Preliminary results of SEARCH were presented at two conferences in the US and Switzerland in autumn of 2013. Please refer to the links below to access the video recordings and presentations.


18 Sep 2008

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The next revolution – Intelligent materials

18 Sep 2008

Our ability to design complex synthetic materials is changing many aspects of our life. However, the novelty of such designer materials begs the question of their risks.

Life and health trends in the 21st century

18 Sep 2008

Representatives of primary insurance companies met in 2008. All focused on growth opportunities, together with their risks, for L&H insurance markets in Europe.

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