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The Australian commercial insurance market

Australia’s commercial insurance market is the ninth largest in the world, with total premiums of USD 12 billion in 2016. However, penetration (premiums as a percentage of gross domestic product (GDP)) is still low relative to other advanced markets. For example, commercial insurance penetration was 0.9% in 2016, compared to 1.6% in the US and 2.4% in the UK.


The health insurance frontier in India

Chronic diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, cancer, and diabetes are on the rise in India. The major drivers behind rising incidence rates are primarily demographic and lifestyle changes. These critical illnesses (CI) are a burden for the Indian population. Being diagnosed with a severe illness puts heavy financial strains on individuals and their families, especially those who are uninsured. Insurers play an important role in raising awareness of existing protection gaps and in helping society to close them. This study demonstrates an approach for deeper insights into the drivers behind consumers' preferences and product choices for CI insurance in India. It focuses on what creates value for consumers and how much they are willing to pay to close their CI protection gap.

Insurance in sub-Saharan Africa: growth stutters, but fundamentals are strong

The latest Expertise Publication from the Swiss Re Institute reviews recent developments in the economy and insurance markets of sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) excluding South Africa. It assesses the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. Though still positive, in real terms SSA insurance premium growth has slowed notably from 2014 and came to a halt in 2016, mainly because of the weaknesses in oil exporting countries. However, the outlook is still positive based on the expectation of a recovery of economic activity and a continuation of the trend of increasing middle class. Key growth areas in the insurance sector lie in agriculture, health/medical and life/funeral coverage. The report is available on request for distribution to Swiss Re clients in hard copy only.


Mexico Country Report

Mexico is the second largest insurance market in Latin America, after Brazil, with total direct premiums written of MXN 456.1 billion (USD 24.4 billion) in 2016). However, insurance penetration remains below potential, and Mexico lags its regional peers in terms of insurance take-up rates.


Earthquake risk in eastern Canada: mind the shakes

While Western Canada is often associated with earthquake risk, the more densely populated East, which includes three of the country's biggest cities, Montreal, Ottawa, and Quebec City, are also in seismically active zones. In fact, 70% of the population of Quebec lives in seismic regions. A major earthquake could result in significant losses in an area that includes a concentration of economic assets and population.

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