The 2018 "Swiss Re SONAR, New emerging risk insights" report aims to get us talking about what tomorrow's risk landscape could look like.

What's SONAR all about

Swiss Re identifies emerging risks, first and foremost, through its proprietary SONAR tool, an internal crowdsourcing platform that allows for collecting input and feedback from underwriters, client managers, risk experts and others across the company.

The emerging risk themes outlined in the report are based on early signals collected throughout the year. They neither reflect the entire emerging risk landscape of the insurance industry nor that of Swiss Re. They have been categorised according to their estimated impact and potential timeframe to materialise as well as to the line of business where the biggest exposure seems to rest. In the report, which has been publised annually since 2013, the 18 new emerging risk themes are complimented by 7 emerging trend spotlights, and embedded into a broader perspective on long-term macrotrends.

Previous editions

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More information

If you have further questions about the SONAR report, please send an email to Rainer Egloff.
For general questions about emerging risks, please send an email to Martin Weymann.